Dear: 2017

You have been kind to me

I came I saw and I conquered.

My very first thank you goes out to the giver of life and my Lord and Savior.

This year has been everything I needed and more. Stepping into this year I expected nothing but new beginnings seeing that it was going to be my first year in varsity. Fresh out of highschool that’s all that was on my mind.

As the days went by the more I realised that new beginnings don’t fall from the sky but they have to be created. I was put to the test by my surroundings and I had to decide who and what I was going to ride for. If anything it was important for me to be exposed to varsity life in order to make a perfect lifestyle choices.

This year ushered me into the path of self descovery and self love which both played a vital part in my transformation. The more I discovered about myself the more I learned to love myself. Self discovery and self love work hand in hand. It took plenty of sessions of sweet silent thoughts, it took will power to travel to the pits of my being and to remove all the filthy ideas and misconceptions that had built up like rubbish heaps. I want to love myself so I have to to care for myself. If I want to love others self love is necessary that way my love will be honest and true.

As for love interests.. well. That’s still up in the air, let’s see what 2018 has in store for me in that department.

Having done all that I could have done this year like for example starting my blog, I am grateful for every beautiful day and every tough night. For every challenge and every situation that had my feeling like crawling out of my skin.

We have come to the last day of this year and I couldn’t be more happy to have been with my family during such a terrible time, we have lost a gem but heaven has gained a Queen we know she made it to her promise land. Our Lord is faithful forever and always. Count your days, live everyday as if it’s your last, keep the love flowing and mend your ways before death knocks on your door.

I feel so optimistic about 2018 I can feel it’s glory creeping up on me already.

With all excitement I bid you my final goodbye 2017 for you have served your time. I am entering my destiny body, soul and mind.

Dear: 2018 bring on my wonderland




The Art of Giving. 🎄

whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows bountifully will also reap bountifully. Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and we can’t wait until Santa Claus climbs down the chimney to give us everything and more.

But before we get carried away in what we wished for Christmas take account that Christmas is a celebration of love, family and giving.

Don’t take the little things for granted. Even the smallest or littlest of things have the capacity to make a great impact. A simple thing like giving goes a long way for you and your neighbor so don’t be short sighted and try not to have a heavy hand when giving. But remember to be cheerful in your generous act of kindness otherwise there’s no point in giving.

This Christmas you have the opportunity to be someone’s Santa and to give in any way that you can

As you share gifts remember that gifts are not the only way to give this holiday season, you can touch a life by spreading love to and fro until it fills the air like a desease.

The more you give the more you recieve, a hand ready to sow is a hand which will reap abundantly.

My idea of Christmas also revolves around family and friends because it’s the time when we reunite with family we haven’t seen in almost forever. To maximize the time you have with your family be present and spending quality time by dishing out the love you give yourself to others as well.

If by chance you won’t be spending the day with your family take an hour visit an old age home or even an orphanage and spread the spirit of giving as well as Christmas spirit ✨🎄

Be blessed in our celebration of sharing and remember the words the Lord Jesus himself said: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’

Merry Christmas and happy holidays. ✨🎄🤸

Be Different vs Be You.

To be different or to be you.

when someone says to me be different. I see myself with a building urge to stand out and recognised as different.

Being different and being you are like two parallel lines. The emphasis should be placed more on simply being you because its the most natural and satisfying.

When I hear someone say to me be different I see myself reading into too deep and striving to be different in all ways possible, I would probably start off by looking at other people then doing what they are doing then finding different ways to do what they are doing. When you are being yourself there is no reason to look at other people because you do what’s more natural to you. You peep what im saying?

There are rules to being different when you can just be you where there are no rules at all. Being you is the best way to be different. The best way to be you is to keep it real and to keep it authentic. Do what you want to do and don’t do what you dont want to do but most importantly do not worry about what other people say.

When I get lost in my thoughts and drift into my own world where I think about myself lol no its not vain its necessary. This is what I say to myself before I do anything or say anything : Tricia be you. Don’t strive to be different or want to be someone else because you might get confused in that difference and eventually lose your true identity. Don’t forget that all the difference people need to see in you will happen when you are being yourself.

There isn’t much to it or more to add. Keep it real, keep it authentic, Keep it You.


Do Not Let IT Get To YOU.

I previously shared a page from my book of self discovery about when I stood face to face with mountains but overcame. A story of a girl who experienced pressure from society and social media. I did skip the part of how I managed to resist the pressure , how I learned how to make sustainable decisions and how I found peace after a series of interpersonal conflict and identity crisis. Thats why I gracefully titled this piece DON’T LET IT GET TO YOU.

My idea of self discovery is a process more than a quest. It is a process of gaining an insight into your own character by discovering what makes you tick, thrive and burn red from passion. It is the process of gaining a deeper and more accurate understanding of your authentic self, your strengths and weaknesses, it is not just a quest. A process is a series of steps and actions taken in order to achieve a particular goal. Self discovery does not happen overnight,it is a series of unveiling steps taken to unlock your full potential.

How to not let it get to you:

1. Be Authentic. Be real. Be a person of character. The best way to tackle any pressure is to gain an insight into who you are. You may have to get familiar with your likes and dislikes, what you enjoy and what you don’t , what you want and what you don’t want, what your principles and morals are and what you can and cannot do. Avoid settings that may have you go against who you are and what you stand for so remember, you dont have to do anything youre not comfortable with.

2. Keep calm and Set Goals! Im talking about short term, middle term and long term goals, All Of The Above. Set the goals that revolve around your development. Its not selfish, its necessary. Nurture your overall mental, spiritual, physical and emotional health. For example set a goal to read 15 books by the end of the year or to add an additional hour to your gym sessions. Many people get caught in the whirlwind because they do not know where they want to go and who they want to be! They fly wherever the wind blows. I say, the person who came up with goal setting is an absolute genius, because by setting a goal you draw a map to a place of self development. Whenever you find yourself lost in the hype of life a set goal is like a compass to the land of self development, faith and fulfilment. Work on your goal ceaselessly and you will see the unveiling your potential. Get it together, set a real goal and stick to it. ( James 1:4
So let it grow, for when your endurance is fully developed, you will be perfect and complete, needing nothing)

3. This last one is a classic: Mind Your Own. The less time you spend around places and people who presurise you to engage in something uncomfortable for you or influence you to pretend to be someone you’re not the less pressure you will feel to engage or pretend. If social media is rushing or pressuring you to be who you’re not then spend less time and on social media but if you’re like some us who just can’t get enough of it then practice these steps, spend more time with yourself, doing what you love to do, being yourself and most importantly DON’T LET IT GET TO YOU , I promise you will bring a stop to the exhausting inner conflicts and identity crises. Find an element and stay in it at all times.

However it may so happen that we fall to the cunning plots of pressure but here’s the thing, its all part of the journey darling so don’t throw in the towel just yet, give yourself a second chance because God sure did when you woke up this morning so use every instance and opportunity till its very last drop for the purpose of learning, persevering and enjoying life.


Have you been receiving pressure from your social media to be who youre not? How did you win?

Prioritise what matters💕

We are all stired by demands from everyday life, whether it’s from others or from things we establish for ourselves. Constantly moving from one thing to another makes it difficult to make sense of what should be a priority in your life.

So, how can you break free from the daily grind and determine what really matters? Its not going to happen overnight but here are a few ideas that can help you take a step in the right direction

A great step to setting priorities is understanding what you do on a daily basis. Grab a notepad and write down what you do on a daily basis. Start off with the first activity of the day and expand into your routine. So, for instance start from breakfast to answering emails, to going to gym.

This will allow you to have a bird’s eye view type of picture of your life. Based on what you’ve jotted down ask yourself what you should be doing more, what you should be doing less, and what’s missing entirely. The answers to these questions will help you set your personal priorities and come up with a plan for achieving them.

You can’t focus on the big picture when you are constantly distracted by small interruptions

At times we become readily distracted and lose sight of our goals and priorties and at times we end up being pulled so far away from them that we find ourselves wondering through life aimlessly. Changing that behavior by muting or disabling all those distraction will eliminate many of the distractions that are coming in and allow you to focus on larger priorities.

What’s the rush?

There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens (Ecclesiastes 3:1)

On one fateful day it rained down on me. I know you’re thinking about the rain that comes down after a hot day to wash humidity away but that’s not it, what I’m actually talking about is patience, it rained down the patience to take life day by day, on that fateful day when Ecclesiastes 3:1 washed feelings of pressure away.

Just recently I realised that I will be turning 20 sooner than I expected! I remember thinking:

Im soon turning 20, like where have I been this whole entire time 🤒

Time did its thing and waited for no man so I was left behind. Let me tell you a story of a young girl who spent many of her vulnerable years on instagram..

This can be dated back to 2011 the time of when instagram was the most popular app on the block and she had to joined the movement but little did she know that she was not ready for it yet. Instagram is what she spent doing on most of her days, she tried to always fit in the time to ” double tap or to surf the explore” into her daily routine until it became part of her life. She was kept up to date on the latest trends, latest brands and ofcourse who had the most followers. As a young girl who had confidence issues the pictures she was exposed to posed as a mirage of who she thought instagram wanted her to be but in that midst of it all she lost the picture of who she is. She slowly started comparing herself with other personalities and picking out her flaws as she examined the most liked picture on her feed. She was pushed out of her comfort zone , said things that she didnt mean because she had to fit in and get those likes.

In all her doing she was still unhappy with herself. She became frustrated and impatient, she had forgotten that it is the time which a flower blooms that makes her the fairest in that season because she has served time or spent more time perfecting her craft and before she knew it the bloom happened spontaneously.

I was that girl, who rushed herself because internet so here is to everyone who feels pressured:

Do Not Let The Internet Rush You.

Take your own footsteps at a pace that allows you to grow according to your path and your own destiny. I was so caught up in whatever it was that I regret not spending time with myself and not being patient with my growth and my craft in that moment. Use instagram as a platform to showcase your growth, talent and life and not as a criticising criteria you use to make you feel like you’re not doing enough

Ecclesiastes 3:1 fell from the heavens when I needed a confirmation that I was traveling too fast by trying to do “enough”. Yes time does pass by quick but remember that everything has its time! which to me means that no matter how hard I try, the time to bloom has already been set and predestined and my efforts won’t change that , so I asked myself :

Tricia what’s the rush?

Enjoy the journey and learn a few things about yourself, its not that bad. In fact, you should try it too! Slow it down to a pace that works well for you and that allows you to perfect your in craft because we are not all crafting the same masterpiece. Whenever you find yourself moving too fast ask yourself:

Hey, whats the rush? There is indeed a time for everything and that time shall come.

But until then I am happy with who I am and where I am today.


La Recreation


Like any other teenager with fluctuating and raging hormones I have lived through my fair share of insecure moments. I had a very low self esteem all throughout my primary school years until a couple months back (which is basically majority of my life) because I was teased about my looks. There was a part of me which always played back the hurtful comments.


but I just wanted to briefly share with you about how that changed my life for the better.

Yeah I look different and SO WHAT?

I can still so vividly hear a group of really opinionated boys saying ” Yo she’s too dark! ” , “She needs to find an ointment for those scars” , “She looks masculine”. At that time I acted as if I didn’t hear a word but frangile as I was everything they said sunk in and I let it sink straight to the bottom. Their perceptions of me distorted my perception of myself and thats where I think I went wrong.

At the passing of the years I received countless compliments (S/O to the people who lifted me up, you guys are stars!) But it had still been a battle for me to ignore negative comments and opinions.

Fast Forwarding past the times when I felt inadequate and down, past the times I looked at other girls wishing it was me, to the times I gave up on myself , I bring you to today, where I am a new person with a renewed mindset too. I saw that my perspective was tainted so I took a break to recreate a perspective that made me feel better about myself. I stopped feeling like I had to meet a standard and realised that I am the standard, I used to hate not fitting in until I realised that I was born to stand out. I aint gon stop until all this melanin drop. I am the salt and the light of the earth. I am full of flavor and full of life!

La Recreation is a concept I developed and it is a state of living where you evaluate, refresh and recreate yourself and any difficult situation you may or will be facing.

Here is a brief of how it works:

Evaluate : This is an introspection trip to where you get in contact with what you want to change in your life for the better. Be it your state of mind, your outlook on yourself or any situation you may be facing

Refresh: Turn the clock anti clockwise and refresh yourself, erase negative memories and shortcomings. Forget all the bad vibes and decide to start again. Its all a process. One day at a time.

Recreate: The exciting stage of when you get to change, redesign or alter your attitude and outlook on yourself and situations with a refreshed mindset. Its about creating a perspective. Don’t wait for an opportunity, create it.

Since La recreation I have seen remarkable and life changing things happen I have discovered more about myself and my life and I hope La recreation serves an even greater purpose in your life.

If you have any comments, Please drop them here, I’ll be happy to read them. 🙂


The Turning Of The Page

The begining of all things bring something new.

I was always convinced that if anyone’s life had more ups and downs ,it had to be mine. I was absolutely sure that my life was always way too complicated, more twisted, more dramatic, more sad, more ugly than anyone else’s on planet earth but since adolescence and at the passing the years I got to know other people and got involved in their lives that’s when it sunk in that im not alone and thousands of you have similar lives. This process humbled me greatly and also gave me the drive to set out a quest where a place where I eagerly love myself and my life with an UNAPOLOGETIC type of freedom.

So I thought:

If I feel negatively about my life its probably because I only look at mistakes I made and all the negative things that happened.

But im trying to stop that, im trying to find true happiness , joy, friendliness, honesty, loyalty, love, forgiveness and understanding in myself. So that might mean that I have to look myself about myself that way I can begin to bring them outside and to live and experience them

living every step of the way as Tricia the conqueror of every trial or tribulation, the overcomer of gloomy days, the one who gets it together and gets up prepared everyday to take on the world and always comes out on top is easy, that’s who I want to be. For the sake of adolescence and its methods I would say everything happens for a reason but who I am today is who I always was… Big,Bold and Beautiful the more I fix my attention on that aspect the more I will begin to really belive, see and experience it.

That was my beginning. The moment when I stopped looking at what I cannot change and started looking at what I can change. I dived deeper into who I am. The moment I started seeing the beauty in who I am and who I want to be is the moment I broke metalic chains that weighed my mind, the moment I escaped the cycle of doubt and whispers of fear. It was a miracle! All that was the results of me merely realising my own character. Shocking.

If I knew it was always that easy I would have done it a long time ago. I would have spent more hours perfecting my confidence, lifting my head high and holding it there. I would have spent more time caring and teaching myself , instead I was blind to my authenticity but wildly aware of other’s. Sad.

But no more! When I decided that Big, Bold and Beautiful is who I want to be it marked as my beginning and it brought me something new, it gave me an UNAPOLOGETIC type freedom.

friends and family, don’t let doubt or fear keep you any longer, today you have the choice to look at the brighter side 🙂 to take a leap and dare to stop looking at negative things about yourself and start to see the positives and your overflowing potential, dare to find what makes you Big, Bold and Beautiful. Give yourself another chance to smile, to explore, to love, to laugh and to find your UNAPOLOGETIC type of freedom.



Hey there,

Has it been a minute or has it been a minute!?

Im Happy to welcome you back to Reverie 🙂

Before I get to bombard you with content I thought it would be fair to brief you on what ill be posting on my blog

Pretty cool right? :p


im looking forward to sharing some of my inspirational stories with you, tugging you along through my journey by publishing many of my poems and short films and of course ive got other surprises for you too 🙂

Tout ca pour vous

Im excited and I know you are too


Press PLAY.

Hey there,

Before i jump right into it let me introduce myself, my name is Tricia Kiambe and on this day i am 19 years 5 months and 2 days. i am a strategic corporate communication student at the University of Johannesburg.

I am a total daydreamer! with my special wandering mind I’ve grown into writing so besides school, praying, reading , photo shoots or chillas i enjoy writing and story telling. i have been writing for a few years but didnt have the courage to post them, so a couple days ago I thought to myself :

Hey Tricia there is no better way to write then starting up a blog

it might help you more than you know 🙂

with that being said I am happy to welcome you to Reverie, a space where i freely express myself and my creativity. I’m encouraging you to view, visit and comment on my blog whenever you get the chance to it would do me great pleasure if shared your thoughts with me

in the long run I hope this blog encourages you to pursue expressing yourself and showcasing your creativity but most importantly simply BEING happy while doing so. 😀

( P.S don’t be sleeping on me! lol)